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November 13, 2012

UPDATED*: What!? Reporters amazed. A big frilly horned dinosaur that's NOT triceratops. And so many horns. Sigh....

One might almost think from some accounts within a spate of small news items the last few days that paleontologists had found a UFO with unearthly bones in it. The news is in a report by a Canadian-born researcher, now at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, who published with colleagues a report in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. They described analysis of  the oldest large ceratopsian known from Canada, one whose bones had been stored away in an Ottawa museum, unappreciated, for half a century. It is deeper on the ancestral tree than famous Triceratops, has about the same face and parrot-like beak, a big neck frill, and even more horns.