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January 28, 2013

Grist: This just in - spinning conical solar modules could out-do coal as cheap electrical source. Hmmm - heard this before?

David Roberts is among the more prolific columnists at Grist's on line operation, where he covers energy policy and suchlike. Quite solid, thoughtful, and innovative is he. So I sat up on reading a piece he had out a few days ago on a novel solar power idea, the spin cell from a company called V3Solar.

(By the way, I immediately wondered while reading it whether he is the same David Roberts who has a new book out on an epic survival trek by Sir Douglas Mawson back in the heroic days of Antarctic exploration. No he is not. Most important discovery I made while name-checking  is a site devoted to the huge pile of Dave Robertses making their marks in the world. Very amusing. Grist's Dave Roberts is high on list).