KSJ Tracker June 26, 2013

In praise of ugly animals.

Promachoteuthis sulcus, the gob-faced squid

"If you are interested in conservation, you are basically condemning yourself to be depressed," says Simon Watt, creator of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. So he tries to make conservation funny.

In an interview with Tiffany O'Callaghan at New Scientist, Watt says he's bored by pandas and tigers and thinks we should be interested in other species, such as the gob-faced squid (photo). It had no popular name until Watt stepped up and gave it one. If it could talk, one wonders what it would say to Watt. Would it prefer to go extinct rather than be condemned to be called gob-faced? We might never know.

See O'Callaghan's "One Minute with...Simon Watt," for more--not too much more--about the stiff rules that govern the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

And beware the Canadian blue-grey taildropper slug.

-Paul Raeburn


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