KSJ Tracker March 7, 2013

Important in-house news: Knight Fellowships at MIT add a new fellowship to support the creation of a publishable digital project.

If you will pardon a bit of in-house news from Knight Science Journalism at MIT, we are happy to announce the establishment of a new fellowship that will support a journalist for an academic year in the creation of a publishable, digital science journalism project.

Unlike the other Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at MIT, which allow journalists to spend the school year studying (and thinking!) at MIT, the new fellowship will put its winner to work. It's an ideal opportunity to pursue a story or multimedia project that requires significant up-front financial support. 

The product of the fellowship should be a video, audio, or digital piece, or a written work if it can be published in some digital form. Fellows are encouraged to collaborate with news organizations to develop and publish their projects.

The fellowship begins this August and the final project will be due at the end of May, 2014. Fellows will be expected to spend some of their time in Cambridge but will otherwise be free to go where their reporting takes them. The stipend will be based on the proposed project and the anticipated expenses.

You can find the online application instructions here.

-Paul Raeburn


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