KSJ Tracker December 28, 2012

Links, notes, and nitpicks.

Hollows on Mercury


--Wired Science's space photo of the day: Hollows on Mercury

--John R. Platt updates us on a contented Florida panther mother, photographed carrying her cubs to a new den. 

--Andrew Revkin, at his New York Times blog, Dot Earth, gives us a savvy review and commentary on the Gus Van Sant film, "Promised Land." His conclusion? "Promised Land" doesn't give us what it promises.

--The Neurocritic likes music, but doesn't believe it's because of his "magical" mirror neurons.

--A fan of bridges, tall buildings, and dams? Check out "10 of the Biggest, Boldest Builds of 2012" by Tim Newcomb at Popular Mechanics. My favorite is China's Aizhai Suspension Bridge, which "hovers roughly 1200 feet over the Dehang Canyon and spans a tower-to-tower distance of 3858 feet." 

-Paul Raeburn


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