KSJ Tracker November 5, 2012

On the move: Changes at Science News, Slate, and Discover, and C&EN

Noteworthy moves:

--Phil Plait is moving his Bad Astronomy blog from Discover to Slate on Nov. 12. "I’ve been writing at Discover Magazine for over four years, and it’s been a great ride," he writes. Laura Helmuth, Slate's science and health editor, says, "We're thrilled to get him." The Bad Astronomer calculates that he has posted some 4,600 items at Discover. He leaves with great praise for Discover and its blog network, but can't resist adding, "I also hope y’all will follow me to Slate as well."

--Science News announces two promotions to fill top spots. Eva Emerson, who has served as managing editor, will become editor in chief. And Matt Crenson, who has been deputy managing editor for news, will become managing editor. The two have been in those positions on an interim basis since August.

--Discover, continuing its migration from New York City to Wisconsin, has hired Siri Carpenter and Tasha Eichenseher as senior editors in Waukesha. And it has filled five other staff positions, some with editorial staffers from other publications owned by Kalmbach Publishing, which owns Discover.

Update: Josh Fischman is leaving the The Chronicle of Higher Education Wednesday to join Chemical and Engineering News as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. "Rumors that I will be doing a cover story on 'The Chemistry of Lindsay Lohan,' based on tox screen reports, are unfounded," he said in an email. "But it’s not a terrible idea."

That's it for now. If you know of any other staff moves, please drop me a note.

-Paul Raeburn


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