Conversations With Scientists: A KSJ Video

Clockwise from top left: Rosalind W. Picard, Claude R. Canizares, Rodolfo Dirzo, Peter R. Girguis, Alvin E. Roth, Sophia Roosth.


“Creating a mosaic of voices.”

Iván Carrillo, a 2016-17 fellow, made this five-minute video for KSJ and Undark as an end-of-semester project, talking with a range of scientists, mostly at MIT and Harvard, about a range of topics: imagination, creativity, doubt, our planet’s place in the universe.

“The video is a small sample of a larger project,” says Carrillo, who came to KSJ from a position as anchor of “Los Observadores,” a national television program in Mexico that explores scientific innovation. “I still do not know if it could become a longer video or a book or a site. I think that what
I´m looking for is creating a mosaic of voices and opinions around these issues, and exploring the emotional and reflective part of science.” He chose these scientists “for their power of inspiration and their great passion for what they do — but also I´m looking for those that have a critical and deep reflective sense about their activity.”

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  1. David

    Interesting pieces, I would definitely want to see this to grow in a web series of some sorts. There is so much that these people can teach us and their opinion relay matters. Just the concept of hearing different answers on the same questions based on the the respondent’s background is mighty interesting. Can’t wait for the next piece!

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