Ibby Caputo, a 2014-2015 MIT-Knight Science Journalism Fellow, is a writer and journalist based in Boston. Before her fellowship, Ibby covered health care, transportation and breaking news as a reporter for WGBH’s Boston Public Radio and WGBH TV.

Ibby credits her nine months in the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship with giving her the space and confidence to both broaden and deepen her reporting. “Journalism is really fast paced. Having a year to invest in your intellectual pursuits is rare,” she said. “I wish more people could do it.”

Ibby’s work has aired on NPR News, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Tech, The World, Scene on Radio, Radiotonic, and the BBC’s Boston Calling. Ibby’s journalism, essays and photography had been published in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Cape Cod Times, The Times-Picayune, Women & Cancer Magazine, and elsewhere.

Ibby has won an award for hard news and was part of the team that won an award for investigative reporting, both from The Associated Press. She is an adjunct professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and is a recurring guest speaker at the Harvard Divinity School.