KSJ 2013-2014 Project Fellowship Announced

The Knight Science Journalism program at MIT will offer a new kind of Fellowship during the 2013-2014 academic year to add to the traditional 12 Fellows who come to Cambridge to study for the academic year at MIT and Harvard. This new Fellowship is intended to produce a publishable product instead of coming only to study.

The proposed projects should combine in some way science journalism and digital media. The product at the end of the year should be something tangible such as a video, audio, or digital piece or a written work if the subject includes or can be published in some digital form. Collaborations with news organizations are strongly encouraged.

The requirements of the Fellowship will be to work at least partly in Cambridge, to attend some seminars of the Knight Fellowship, and to present updates on the project to the director and the other Knight Fellows. The final project should be completed by May 30, 2014.

The length of the Fellowship is up to nine months starting in August 2013. A stipend based on your proposed project, project expenses and the length on the project will be determined once the project is chosen.

In the application, each candidate will submit a detailed description of the project, a timetable for completion, a proposed budget of expenses, plans for publication, a biographical statement and three letters of recommendation.

The deadline for applications will be announced in a few weeks.