Will Jonah Lehrer discuss his journalistic misdeeds at lunch today?

Jonah Lehrer

The media blogger Jim Romenesko posted an alert yesterday announcing that Jonah Lehrer, the disgraced journalist accused of plagiarism and faulty reporting who was forced to resign from The New Yorker, will be the speaker today at the closing luncheon of the Knight Foundation's Media Learning Seminar 2013 in Miami.

“Yes he is going to speak about decision-making — including the bad decision-making that caused him to wreck his journalism career,” Knight Foundation spokesman Andrew Sherry told Romenesko.

Romenesko also told Sherry that he was "surprised that there’s no mention of Lehrer’s serial plagiarism in the bio that Knight prepared for this three-day event." Sherry responded, "You’re absolutely right about the bio, it should have central mentions of plagiarism. Those will be a central part of his introduction tomorrow, and he has pledged to address them directly."

The conference is being streamed live on video. You should be able to catch him at this link between noon and 2pm EST today.

-Paul Raeburn

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