A good sign: The Washington Post hires its first science blogger.

[Update, 5:45 pm. The Post has made two other changes related to its science coverage; see below.-pr]

On Wednesday, I reported good news and bad news at The Washington Post. The paper has hired some 50 new employees so far this year. But as far as we could tell, none was a science or medical writer.

Until now. This morning the paper announced that Rachel Feltman of Quartz will be joining the paper as its first science blogger. "Rachel has the kind of insatiable curiosity and digital sensibility that will make her an invaluable contributor to our new online initiatives and expanding science coverage," the announcement said.

That's good news, but I think the Post buried the lede. The paper is expanding its science coverage? Never mind the Jill Abramson mess, this is big media news–at least, for us.

If I find out more, I'll update. And here's the update: Joby Warrick, who joined the Post in 1996 after winning a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of North Carolina's hog industry at the Raleigh News & Observer, will be returning to the environment beat at the Post. You'll see his byline when he returns from book leave Aug. 1, the Post reports.

And Lenny Bernstein, who had been covering the environment, is now writing a health blog called To Your Health.

Here are Feltman's Quartz bio and some of her stories

Happy reading.

-Paul Raeburn

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