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23Mar 2013

NBC science correspondent Robert Bazell leaving after 38 years.

Paul Raeburn
Robert Bazell

NBC science correspondent Robert Bazell is leaving the network after 38 years, TVNewser reports.

In an email to the staff, he wrote, "The best thing about television journalism is that you never do it alone. Everything is a cooperative effort. To all of you who have shared your wisdom, your talent, your hard work, all the good times and adventures and above all your friendship, I cannot begin to express enough gratitude."

Bazell will be joining Yale University as an adjunct professor in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.

I have run into Bazell often, at scientific meetings and elsewhere, and I know him to be a smart and hard-working reporter. Television isn't always kind to science stories that require intelligent and sometimes lengthy explanation, but Bazell found a way to do them and keep doing them, which could not have been easy. 

We wish him well.

-Paul Raeburn

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