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3Jan 2013

Good news: Tracker comments now open without registration.

Announcing: Open commenting on the Knight Science JournalismTracker! No registration needed.

Our tech expert Patrick Wellever has been working on a project to open comments here to anyone, whether registered or not. He just emailed me to say he has thrown the switch. You now can comment on a post immediately even if you are not registered at the Tracker.

We still encourage you to register; we're eager to expand our circle of friends. But if you haven't registered and you feel the urge to join the conversation, please do so.

-Paul Raeburn


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Just a note of thanks! I love this site and read it (almost) religiously. All best wishes for the new year.

Nice change to make comments easier. As a Tweeter and Tracker fan, how about putting the Twitter handles for writers under their names? Would like to put them in when I tweet your commentaries. Also your "Share This" button does not mention @KSJTracker. But enjoying the new format and expanding group of contributors. Congrats!

We're looking into this. Thanks for the heads-up.

Something strange here. When I actually entered my real name in the box above, your server refused to accept it. But when I then just entered my initials, the post was accepted.

Brave but foolish. Just wait until the hordes of childish "toughs" find out they can spew their trash talk here without limit. Of course, the Tracker is not the most likely destination for such folk.

Good luck with the experiment.


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