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11Dec 2012

One more blast from AGU - Is Earth f**ked?

One more blast from AGU - Is Earth f**ked?

  Thanks to a piece in Slate filed last Friday by Jonathan Mingle, I learned of a surprisingly candid and also coarse paper title on climate change that a UC San Diego geomorphologist and complex modeling expert presented during the meeting in San Francisco of the American Geophysical Union last week:  Is Earth F**ked? Dynamical Futility of Global Environmental Management and Possibilities for Sustainability via Direct Action Activism. The f-bomb got detonated without any asterisks flying out in the session itself. AGU hardly spotlighted it. Still, that word is a newsmaker at such a staid (on paper) place as this hallowed academic conference. It got further pickup and discussion on blogs but not many general media reporters went with it. I have a hypothesis why and it has only marginally to do with the vulgarity itself.

   Mingle's account rightly notes that such language is quite common in the hallways and beerhalls at earth sciences meetings. I may have said it myself, but not heard it quite that way from earth scientists. The late great Stephen Schneider once said in my earshot that when it comes to global warming, we're screwed. That's pretty much the same sentiment.

   The paper includes among its messages that the failure of standard decision-making, that is reliance on rationality in governmental and special interest circles, is so abject on climate change that direct action (the word anarchists comes up) starts to look like the best bet.

   Other stories:

  Now, it happens that your tracker is quite drawn and persuaded by what I can read of this session. The f-word seems apt, and activism may be part of the answer. It worked with the Vietnam War and Jim Crow laws in the US. But why isn't this a bigger story? Take a look at the io9 blog-story by Levitan. If this talk has come from a more conventional scientist it'd have more appeal. The green hair wouldn't diminish its general usefulness by much. But when a scientists talks about "dynamics that does not fit within the capitalist culture" one may sort of nod one's head, aha. Those are somewhat ambiguous words - maybe Werner is all for regulated capitalism and is only referring to those who take "free enterprise" as meaning no regs at all.

    But without further elucidation, one can be forgiven for thinking, my god, here we have a global warming scientist who looks like he really is a lefty anarchist seeking to undermine private and competitive enterprise! Just like the right wing loonies say they all are. And he has a potty mouth, too.

     Could be time for somebody wearing a journalist hat to spend a little time with the professor (who, by the way, at a UC San Diego website on a course he teaches says emphatically that his name is Brad, not professor or doctor or sir or anything as formal as that) and flesh this episode out. This fellow is definitely interesting. I'd ask, for instance, has the dean asked you in for a chat yet?

Grist for the Mill: Is Earth f**ked abstract (put f**ked in search box, scroll down to Wed sessions when you get results) ;

- Charlie Petit







is this really the same Stephen Leahy who recently published a series on Doha at the Straight Goods website - quite a different thing coming across in this comment (!?)

quit right though (the comment) ... so Stephen Leahy, how about making a comment here: then eh?

Having spent 2 weeks in Doha at COP 18 have to agree w Mingle. Before I went to the annual UN climate confab I remember telling someone there will only be a breakthrough if a million people surround the White House and refuse to leave until the US gets serious about climate. Instead what happened in Doha is that the US blocked just about everything fearing political backlash at home. Europeans took the same line: public isn't ready - let's wait for AR5.  I told the EU delegate that was bullshit, an excuse to kick the can down the road.

If people don't march on their capitals demanding action over the next two years the next generation is really are f**ked.  And we don't have a proper clue what a +4C world would be like to live in. (Hint: for many it's a 'kick your feet up and die' scenario)

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