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5Nov 2012

Ed Yong's missing links.

Paul Raeburn
Ed Yong's missing links.

Ed Yong, the distinguished blogger and official Person Who Never Sleeps, has compiled a list of what he's been reading lately, which is probably more than I've read since I gave up Classics Illustrated.

How he manages to read so much and still make a living as a writer is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. 

But let's not quibble. Instead, let's sample and enjoy what he's collected for us in I’ve got your missing links right here (3 November 2012) from his Discover blog Not Exactly Rocket Science. Anyone for a little paleotempestology?

-Paul Raeburn




Nice piece, John. You were ahead of the curve.

When I was covering biology for Science News, AAAS had its meeting in DC and I wasn't finding much so I randomly went to a session on paleotempestology, which I had never heard of. It was awesome and, as best as I could tell, a rare session with no other reporter in it. I liked it so much, I strayed from my beat to write a feature I quite liked: Hunting Prehistoric Storms


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