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19Nov 2012

CNN's Sanjay Gupta interviews "expert" on prescription drug overdoses.

CNN's Sanjay Gupta is becoming a regular in these pages for his poor judgment. Less than two months ago, I wrote about his perpetration of what I thought was the worst instance of cancer-cure hype I'd ever seen. A couple of years ago, after Gary Schwitzer wrote about it on his HealthNewsReview blog, I castigated Gupta for offering medical advice on the air, and telling readers he was not only their doctor, but also their "coach."

And now, shucks, he's gone and done it again. In a documentary entitled Deadly Dose that aired on CNN last night, Gupta breaks the news that Americans are overdosing on prescription drugs at an alarming rate, which isn't really news at all. Does anyone remember Rush Limbaugh? His highly publicized involvement with prescription drugs was revealed in 2006, and it probably wasn't news to many people back then. It's news to even fewer now.

What's exciting about Gupta's new report is whom he chose to interview as an expert:

Bill Clinton.

Here's the clip.

I wouldn't interview Gupta on presidential politics, and I wouldn't interview Clinton on drug overdoses. 

Gupta apparently thinks otherwise.

-Paul Raeburn


Thanks, Gary. You added some interesting tidbits I wasn't aware of, including that Gupta had been a White House fellow under Hillary Clinton. 


I've weighed in with some additional observations on my Health News Watchdog blog:

Disclosure:  I worked in the CNN Medical News Unit from 1984-1990 and was head of the unit when I resigned because of ethical/editorial disagreements. I disclose this even though it is such ancient history that it should be reviewed as irrelevant in this current matter.

Gary Schwitzer


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